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A Timeline of the Newbury & Hobbes Universe

1880s        The Will of the Dead

(being an account by Dr. John Watson of the death of Sir Theobald Maugham and the ensuing investigation, involving Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Charles Bainbridge)

1898          A Death at Fairview

(being a record of the ‘incident’ at Fairview House and the death of Mr. Templeton Black)

1901          The Affinity Bridge

(being a record of the investigation into the wreck of The Lady Armitage and the Revenant Plague)

1901          The Hambleton Affair

(being an account of Sir Maurice Newbury’s terrible experiences at Hambleton Manor)

1901          The Shattered Teacup

(being a grisly account of a Christmas murder and a clockwork owl)

1902          The Huntington Legacy

(being a record of ghostly apparitions, an ancient barrow and a family curse)

1902          The Osiris Ritual

(being a record of Sir Maurice’s first encounter with the dastardly Dr. Aubrey Knox and the affair of the ‘recreated’ agent, ‘Caspian’)

1902         What Lies Beneath

(being a shocking account of a missing woman, murder, depravity and madness)

1902          The Beast of Malbury Cross

(being a graphic record of the murders attributed to the ‘supernatural beast’ that plagued the good people of Malbury Cross)

1902         The Immorality Engine

(being a record of the death of Miss Amelia Hobbes and Sir Maurice Newbury’s investigations into the sinister Bastion Society)

1902          Lady Arkwell’s Deceit

(being an account of Newbury’s first encounter with the female agent know as ‘Lady Arkwell’)

1902          The Sacrificial Pawn

(being a record of Newbury’s incarceration and subsequent escape from the clutches of The Cabal of the Horned Beast)

1902          The Case of the Night Crawler

(being an account by Dr. John Watson of the terrible beast that climbed out of the Thames, and its defeat at the hands of Newbury and Miss Hobbes)

1902          Christmas Spirits

(being a hallucination by Newbury on the eve of Christmas celebrations at his Chelsea home)

1903          The Executioner’s Heart

(being a record of the disastrous affair of ‘The Executioner’, involving death, ritual and rampaging terror birds)

1903          The Revenant Express

(being an account of Newbury’s fateful journey to St. Petersburg in the aftermath of the ‘Executioner’ affair, pursued by those who would see him dead)

1903          The Only Gift Worth Giving

(being a festive celebration, with unusual – but most excellent – gifts)

1904          A Rum Affair

(being a detailed account of murder and revenge in the frigid depths of winter)

1910          Paradox Lost

(being the account of a monstrous invasion of the capital, the arrival of a mysterious ‘Doctor’ and the reinvigoration of Professor Archibald Angelchrist)

1926          Ghosts of Manhattan

(being an account of the vigilante known as ‘The Ghost’, of brewing tension between the British Empire and her former American colony,and inter-dimensional entities attempting to gain a foothold in New York)

1927          Ghosts of War

(being an account of ‘The Ghost’, brass raptors, biplane dogfights, massive airships and the British spy Peter Rutherford)

1929          A Night, Remembered

(being an interview with Sir Maurice Newbury, conducted by Peter Rutherford, in which the former agent of the Crown explains what really happened the night the Titanic was sunk)

1933          The Maharajah’s Star

(being an interview with Professor Archibald Angelchrist, conducted by Peter Rutherford, in which the former Secret Serviceman describes an old adventure with Newbury, Bainbridge and Miss Hobbes)

1933          The Albino’s Shadow

(an account of Zenith the Albino’s attempt to threaten the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Peter Rutherford’s mission to neutralise the threat)

1933          Old Friends

(a festive tale of old friends, old mysteries and surprises)


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