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Sherlock Holmes…

September 17, 2012

…and some more books!


A care package from my lovely editor at Titan brought heaps of exciting new and forthcoming stuff on Saturday morning.

I’m particularly excited to read Guy Adams’s new Sherlock Holmes novel, blending classic Holmes with HG Wells’s Dr. Moreau. I thoroughly enjoyed his last instalment in this ongoing series, The Breath of God. Not least because it features a rather dashing policeman called Inspector George Mann. Guy can expect to see himself feature – perhaps in a little less salubrious role – in my own novel for the range, The Will of the Dead, next year.

Have I shown you the cover for that yet, btw? Some familiar characters turn up in it, including a particular policeman called Inspector Charles Bainbridge…


I love what Titan are doing with all of those repackaged reissues at the moment, too. The Kim Newman’s and the Fu Manchu’s are particularly nice, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

The other books here are the result of another trip to The Works, and you might notice a slight theme developing. I seem to be buying a lot of crime fiction at the moment. Not sure why, but it’s what’s speaking to me at the moment. I do love a good mystery!


Speaking of which – the Holmes anthology I’m editing for Titan, Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, is now done. Hurray! It’s a great book, with some wonderful stories by some very talented writers. I urge you all not to miss it when it hits the shelves in February. My own modest effort is a story that sees Watson teaming up with Newbury and Veronica to solve an unusual mystery, with Holmes hovering in the background, pulling all the strings.

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