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Nottingham Haul

September 2, 2012

More books! Someone should stop me going near bookshops.
Some interesting stuff here, mostly procured at Waterstones in Nottingham yesterday. I’ve always been a fan of Adam Roberts and Jack Glass sounds fab. It also has one of the best covers I’ve seen for some time.
I’m a big fan of cosy crime but I’ve never read the Daisy Dalrymple stories by Carola Dunn. Death at Wentwater Court is the first. I’ll report back on that. The June Thomson Sherlock stories look fun, and although I haven’t yet read the volume I picked up last time I was in Nottingham (The Secret Notebooks...), I couldn’t resist picking up this matching edition. And of course, Jeanette Winterson’s new Hammer novella, which I’m very interested to read.
The David Barnett I got from Amazon, after David posted a quick blog the other day saying that some of his older books were about to go out of print. I hadn’t read David until recently, when I was lucky enough to read a manuscript for Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl. It was great – so good, in fact, that I immediately went and commissioned David to write a Sherlock story for my next anthology. So I didn’t want to miss Hinterland before it disappears.

These will all have to wait for a while, though, while I finish reading the stories for the said Sherlock anthology, and also the new Eric Brown in manuscript, which is shaping up to be a great mystery story.

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